SEO for Glasgow studio rental business

I optimised a landing page for simple arts, improving the ranking of their studio rental service on Google.

Services provided on this project:

Desks & Photography Studio for rent

Client profile

Simple Arts is a studio rental business located in the heart of Glasgow. Founded by Katy Rose Christopher, it specialises in two main areas:

  1. Desk space rental: Simple Arts rents desk spaces of different sizes and prices to independent artists and creatives at very affordable rates.
  2. Photography Studio Rental: Simple Arts has a photography studio that it rents out to photographers and videographers. The studio is also available for use by their tenants for their work.

Landing page optimisation for desk rental

The project

After discovering the Simple Arts website, I saw great potential in its minimalist landing page and reached out to the owner, Katy in May 2023.

During our meeting, Katy mentioned that several desk spaces needed to be filled. I offered to review the landing page and optimise it for search engines.

1. SEO Audit

I analysed the competition and identified a niche that Simple Arts could fit into. Next, I pinpointed keywords with the best ranking potential and drafted a content plan.

2. Content Creation

Once Katy approved the content plan, I developed detailed content and gathered images to enhance the landing page.

3. Implementation

With the content ready, I implemented the changes, including custom coding to add a unique touch to the page.

Increasing number of leads for desk rental

The results

SEO results usually take effect after 3-6 months, but in this case, we saw significant results within 2 weeks.

The number of clicks on the landing page doubled within 3 months of the optimisation, and impressions saw a similar increase. On top of that we have ranked the landing page for 92 new relevant keywords.

On top of all those results has Katy's studio been mostly booked out to this date.

Website preview:

Testimonial from the Client

I've worked with Moritz on two different websites and I have been over the moon with the results. The sites look great and Moritz has build them in a way which is easy for me to maintain. I was particularly impressed with Moritz' knowledge and enthusiasm about SEO, which I am already seeing positive results from.

Katy Christopher
Stylist & Embroidery Designer

Client profile

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